Rampion, Humber Gateway and North Hoyle

AWS have been contracted to Rampion Humber Gateway and North Hoyle offshore wind farms with MVOW ops teams requesting our services for the coming months. We have attained Authorised Technician (AT) status at all three sites enabling us to carry out a wider variety of tasks providing the operations team with greater resources and increased operational cover. We have completed MHIVestas level D and C training in Denmark and subsequently passed the AT authorisation panel at Humber Rampion and North Hoyle.

Return to Humber Gateway

MVOW operations team are utilising AWS at Humber Gateway for service support and supervisory roles. We are delighted to return to HG and are looking forward to increasing our capabilities and skills base over the coming months. We welcome our new employee Sott Redfern to the team. Scott is local to Grimsby and has worked at HG with us over previous years.

More manpower at Humber Gateway

AWS have been selected to provide additional manpower for retrofit work and service support at Humber Gateway. The flexibility of our teams enables bespoke and standard tasks to be covered. As an approved supplier to MHIVestas we look forward to the challenge and the opportunity this larger scope of work affords us.

Retrofit at Humber Gateway Wind Farm

AWS have been contracted for a comprehensive retrofit campaign at Humber Gateway. We will be supplying experienced teams and supervisors to close out the works. Working with the site operations team we will be developing procedures and assessments to deliver the work scope safely and efficiently.

Humber Gateway Offshore Windfarm

Since July 2014 AWS been contracted to E.ON Renewables, working at the Humber Gateway offshore Windfarm, during the construction of the 73 Vestas V112 3MW Turbines, situated 18 miles from the coast of Grimsby North Lincolnshire. As part of the project management Quality Assurance team, our remit covers a broad spectrum of quality areas. Wind turbine tenerator inspections, post mechanical completion, witnessing and reporting of commissioning phases, recording and evaluating defects, databases and reliability assessments using SCADA. The project is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2015.

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Robin Rigg 2014

AWS have been contracted to supply experienced technicians to work with Vestas, on their V90 3MW turbines at Robin Rigg offshore windfarm, located in Cumbria. Vestas Offshore are currently performing service and maintenance tasks in preparation for final handover of operations to E.on Renewables in December 2014. AWS teams will work alongside the Vestas technicians and will be integrated in to the duty cover rota. All our technicians will be working towards Authorised Technician (AT) status.

Gwynt-Y-Mor 2013

AWS are contracting at RWE’S offshore construction base at Cammell Laird shipyard Birkenhead. Contracted to Strainstall UK, we assist them in the onshore installation of structural monitoring equipment fitted to the Monopile and Transition Piece sections of the wind turbines. The workscope is split into two phase’s –  onshore installation and offshore commissioning. AWS provide the safety support and technical assistance, both on and offshore. The facilities and coordination at Lairds are on a large scale and is representative of how the offshore wind industry has moved to a higher level in construction planning and management.