Advanced Wind Solutions Ltd exists to provide

  • multi-disciplined, qualified wind turbine specialists
  • who have extensive experience in the wind industry and
  • who are fully certificated to work on and off-shore.

Our aim is to provide skilled, competent manpower to  the renewables maintenance sector.

AWS provide manpower and expertise in the service and maintenance sector of the wind industry, both on and off-shore. We supply industry- trained technicians, who have worked for some of the world’s largest manufacturers and owners of Megawatt Wind Turbines.

Our teams provide the flexibility of non-permanent technicians, which offers planners and managers more scope to target key areas of their on site planned maintenance. 

In addition, we offer a wide variety of maintenance capabilities and competence, ranging from turbine service, specialising in MW turbines, retro-fit work, Quality Assurance, snagging, HV safety awareness, mechanical / electrical completion and as a supplement to your project management or operational management team.

Our staff understand both manufacturers' and owners' needs concerning availability and downtime and also understand the future challenges and manpower flexibility that will be required to meet these goals.

We have a proven/verifiable track record in delivering a varied scope of work packages to the highest standards.

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